As a 1275 Collector, purpose is a prerequisite of building a fine wine collection. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the magic of buying wine, but conscientious collecting requires a plan.

Many wine lovers start with the objective of discovery, and grand ambitions to “drink it all”. Since we’re lucky to be living in an era of unprecedented high quality for wine, this makes the task of tasting every great bottle out there a veritable Everest (let alone ill-advised for one’s health). Selection is key, and can be refined based on ones tastes and goals, which evolve naturally over time.

Our role as advisors is to follow this evolution, and cater for all types of collectors, characterised below:


        1. The hedonist

“Fine wine is essentially a pleasure spend. I invest in young wines now because I know they won’t be available (or will be exceedingly expensive) when I am ready to drink them. I revel in the intellectual discovery of wines and their backstories, and obsess over which to try next. This is a both a personal and a social experience for me. I seek guidance on the wines I don’t know, and on where my curious palate should journey next – these insights feed my mental wine library, which I enjoy sharing with friends and family”.

        2. The provider

“I am a planner, looking towards my fine wine holdings in 10-15 years’ time, when some of my precious bottles will be mature, and ready for me or my children to open. I take guidance on wines and vintages to guarantee a long-lasting collection; one that I will enjoy a little of myself, but that will also become part of my legacy for the next generation”.

        3. The investor

“I understand the intrinsic value of a fine wine collection – both financial, in terms of cases that gain value over time, and as a treasure whose rarity will only increase. I put my fine wine collection on my balance sheet, as a true investment for the long-term rather than just an expense. I consider it a noble way to protect and enjoy my wealth, and will look forward to the reward – both in monetary returns and in life dividends”.


In practice, the majority of 1275 Collectors identify in differing proportions with all three above mentioned characters. What they have in common is a desire to develop a collection diligently, and with wines exclusively of impeccable provenance.

However ones goes about building a vinous legacy, with so much choice in fine wine today we believe it’s worth taking the time for self-evaluation, and to ensure we savour the noble pursuit of wine with purpose.