1275 was created
to solve a problem.

Our journey began in the early 2000s, when 1275’s founder Denis Houles launched CLARET CLUB, an exclusive members-only group that went on to host hundreds of fine wine events in London, Paris and Geneva.

The bottles opened at these gatherings, sourced direct from top chateaux, were always vibrant, alive and full of personality.

But later, when opening identical bottles sourced from the secondary market, it was clear that they weren’t the same. Often, they felt tired. At worst, they were flawed.

The inescapable conclusion was that something was happening to these rare bottles after they left chateaux and estates. In most cases, nobody could explain how or when.

This was an age-old problem, which few had so far been willing or incentivised to acknowledge. But it was obvious that a solution was long overdue.

A purpose built
on respect

1275’s core value is respect: for the world’s great wines, for their creators, and of course, for the people fortunate enough to eventually enjoy them.

We believe that every bottle is a unique work of alchemy, made from a specific piece of land, in a specific year, and created by a specific winemaker. The knowledge and experience that goes into each bottle stems from hard won experience, handed down through generations.

the legacy

In Greek mythology, the fates were the incarnations of destiny, controlling the mother thread of life of every mortal at different stages from birth to death.

The life of a fine wine is no different. Its first chapter is defined by attention to detail and careful handling. It then embarks on what is often an epic journey, passing through multiple hands before it finally arrives with its ultimate owner. Its final chapter concludes when the wine is opened and consumed, hopefully in a condition in which it can be enjoyed.

At 1275, our vision is to extend the first chapter, so that the wine remains in safe hands throughout its entire life, as if it never left the security of its first home. 

In doing so, our clients become part of the continued, unbroken legacy of these wines and all the history and artistry that they embody – entrusted to oversee their evolution in perfect conditions until they can be enjoyed.