The risks


Is your wine authentic?
How many intermediaries and owners has it passed between before you?


How many times, and for how long, has your wine sat in loading bays, exposed to extreme heat or cold?


Is your wine ageing at optimal temperature and humidity levels, in a space free of contaminants?

The 1275 solution

The world's great wines are rare and valuable collectibles that require the most careful handling. Our end-to-end Internet of Bottles process protects your wine and documents every moment in its life, maximising its value and ensuring it brings optimal enjoyment long into the future.

Direct from top estates

We source our client collections directly from the world’s iconic wine estates, through relationships we have built over decades. This provides certainty that your wine is authentic and has not been moved unnecessarily.

Tracking your bottles

Every bottle and case in your collection is fitted with our proprietary 1275 NFC label, which allows you to track their movements from day one.

When the time comes for you to open your wine, simply scan the code on the bottle for a full record of its history and the conditions it was exposed to.

Preserving perfection

1275 uses advanced temperature – controlled vehicles to transport your wines, and we monitor and document all of the conditions they are exposed to in transit, so you can be sure they were handled correctly.

We then store your wines securely in our ultra-qualitative wine vault in Geneva, in optimal temperature and humidity levels, and an ambient environment that is certified free of contaminants.

24/7 control with our App

As a 1275 client, you can view, manage, and monitor the value of your collection in real time with our ground-breaking mobile app. You can even see when your wines are ready to drink, and read the latest tasting notes from leading critics.

An investment
in your future

For enjoyment

1275 fine wine collections are destined to celebrate life’s special moments. That is why it’s important that these artisanal creations are carefully handled so that their unique characteristics can emerge, in the way that their creators intended.

For collecting

Like other collectibles, fine wines also serve as an alternative, secure store of wealth. A thoughtfully curated collection with documented provenance and traceability will retain and grow in value over time. It can also serve as a unique legacy for loved ones, as a living memory of a specific moment in time.