Words on Wine

1275’s recommendations for some holiday wine-reading

Whether you’re on the beach, in the mountains, or sheltering at home from the heat (or hail), there’s no time like the present to boost your wine knowledge through some light reading. Below we have gathered a few of our favourite recent articles touching on themes close to our hearts – climate change, provenance, and wine travel.

Wine climate challenges

The recent wildfires in Greece and violent hailstorms in Burgundy, Savoie, and the Valais are yet more evidence of the irreversible changes to our planet, transforming the way wine can be made in the future. Read this article, How climate change is tweaking the taste of wine from the BBC to find out how wine growers are adapting practices to preserve the quality and taste of their wines.

Wine fraud

The provenance of highly collectible wines will be essential information for successful resale in future. Its absence, and indeed the wider topic of counterfeit wines is far from sunshine and rainbows, but it’s always an interesting one to read about. Now that the infamous fraudster, Rudy Kurniawan is out of prison, we suggest revisiting the 2008 scandal through the eyes of Maureen Downey – renowned wine authenticator, and Jerry Rothwell – filmmaker of Sour Grapes. In this podcast they discuss the impact of Kurniawan’s actions on wine prices, and the continued presence of fakes in today’s market.

Wine travel

For those seeking a wine fix as authentic as it comes, we recently enjoyed this review of the world’s best vineyards to visit. While wines from South America and South Africa are yet to establish themselves on the investment market, their wineries make for the some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.