Sleeping Beauties

A look inside 1275′ preservation obsession 

At 1275, we live and breathe for the preservation of the world’s greatest vinous treasures. While the objective of most wine entities is to achieve low cost, simply functional logistics, we place its importance above all else. Top quality transport, storage, traceability, and full provenance of wines at 1275 is essential. As our logistics champion, Damien, is currently managing the preparation of Christmas exits and new arrivals of wine to our space within Geneva’s FreePort, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of how each case of wine is processed.

Provenance – Always an eye on your bottles

Before your bottles leave their winery, we send a GPS, temperature, and shock sensor to the domain. This is placed between the cases, and tracks the wines in real-time as they journey towards our fine wine vault. Transport is arranged using exclusively temperature-controlled vehicles from trusted logistics partners.

Upon arrival in Geneva, we welcome the convoy in person to the city’s Freeport. Also home to Europe’s largest fine art collection, the site is equipped with 24/7 security surveillance, biometric entrances and armed, fireproof doors throughout.

Preservation – A physical and safe store of your wealth

1275’s unique traceability system not only guarantees the authenticity of bottles (hailing straight from estates), but also records the relevant data to prove its perfect preservation. Every bottle entering 1275’s dedicated fine wine vault undergoes the same rigorous process:

1. Wines are placed in a holding chamber (temperature and humidity-controlled) for a 48h quarantine to eliminate any potential contaminants.

2. Every case (or bottle if loose) is then checked, weighed, and photographed. A unique ID number is created for each case.

3. An NFC tag is placed on each case (or bottle). The chip stores each wine’s provenance history.

4. The cases are then tidied on contaminant-free pallets in the main chill store, where they sleep (at 12°C and 75% humidity), awaiting enjoyment at their prime.

Why build a 100% traceable collection?

1275’s meticulous approach offers a risk-free solution for investing in, storing, and enjoying the world’s finest wines. As the issues of counterfeits, as well as bottles damaged through improper transportation or storage proliferate, we remain convinced of the value in taking absolute care of the world’s greatest wines on behalf of our clients.

The more wines circulate around the world, and the more fraudsters inject fakes into the secondary market (such as the infamous Rudy Kurniawan), the greater the value of 1275’s perfect provenance and 100% traceable stock will become. We continue to operate without compromise to build collections on behalf of our clients that will stand the test of time, and provide a legacy of enjoyment for future generations.